Social Design Projects

“Most of the major problems in the world will not be solved by further analysis. They need design”(Edward de Bono, 1996)
 My ambition as a designer is to create a design that vocalises and brings attentio to environmental and social issues. I believe that design can activate and spark actions. Turning something we experience individually into a collective positive change. 

Kill all the bees
Will you be able to survive the world without bees?
Play the game to find out. / 2021
UNICEF, for every child
Junior Brand Designer / 2021-2023
Who’s under the bed?
The story of a monster who misses his home / 2023
How to skip PE classes like a pro
If you empathise, you understand.
And if you understand, you connect. / 2020
That’s not my name
Why does the correct pronunciation of an ethnic name matters? / 2019
Adopt me instead
Paper crafted toys that help sparing countless sensitive, vulnerable fish immense suffering and miserable lonely deaths. / 2020
CSM x The Body Shop
Age is just a concept / 2019

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